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Val M. Mathews

“Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.”

I love this quote from President Teddy Roosevelt because it’s good advice for all writers. I’ve worked with many writers who have wavered between losing their footing and losing their dreams. The kicker is, to stay on the writer’s path, we need both stars and steady feet. For a lot of writers (aspiring and published), that takes a village. I am just one of your villagers.

In the Studio

Published Writers 2018

The Freedom Shield

by Major John D. Falcon

Memoir/Military Nonfiction

(Proof, Line, and Developmental Edits)


by Stephanie Baldi


(Line and Developmental Edits)

A Stiff Wind Blows

by Gary McConville


(Copy, Line, and Developmental Edits)

We Create

Happy Writers

Val’s most valuable guidance has enabled my characters' dialogue to sound natural and make sense to the reader. Her patient coaching has helped me to restructure and tighten up of the storyline and point of view. Of most significance as a developing writer is Val’s investment in “me,” not just the story. She worked to understand where I am coming from and why the characters are essential. Through our partnership, I have learned to make my characters grow and evolve throughout the story (or blow their heads off).

Andy Carpenter, Blood Creek (out with agents)

I have thoroughly enjoyed working one-on-one with Val Mathews. The editing process is so helpful to me as a writer. I completely trust Val’s judgment and spot-on suggestions. Her skills as an editor have made my stories stronger. I highly recommend Val and The Exit 271 Studio to anyone looking for editing services.

Cynthia Wilson, Short Story Writer

Who Knew Editing Could Be So Much Fun!

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