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I found my dream editor! Val's sensitivity to my manuscript made it a pleasure to work with her. She knew exactly what had to be cut and what was needed to make my manuscript soar. Val is easy to talk to and her quick turn around time is a huge plus. I can honestly say after working with Val, I have become a better writer and a client for life.

Stephanie Baldi, Fiction Writer

I have thoroughly enjoyed working one-on-one with Val Mathews. The editing process is so helpful to me as a writer. I completely trust Val’s judgment and spot-on suggestions. Her skills as an editor have made my stories stronger. I highly recommend Val and The Exit 271 Studio to anyone looking for editing services.

Cynthia Wilson headshot

Cynthia Wilson, Fiction Writer

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The Exit 271 crew is a small group of nurturing editors who make revision fun. We'll kick you in the rear but be your biggest cheerleaders, too. Along with The Editor's Pub online courses, we work one-on-one with writers at all levels on any type of project. Contact us, and let's chat.

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